Technological Advances In 2015

The past few years have been really great for modern technology. We got curved TVs, big cellular devices and more smart watches than your wrist can handle. This year’s advancements will make 2015 memorable.

Battery tech

Batteries power the tech we spend most of our time with but the design of the lithium-ion battery commonly used is severely limiting. We have been waiting for longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries for decades and 2015 might be the year we finally see some progress. Improved lithium ion batteries and quicker charging ones could make electric cars viable; make your laptop lighter, a week of Smartphone use and a boost for renewable energy among other benefits.


One big change you might notice this year is the framework that powers web pages. HTML 5, the latest iteration to the framework is a crucial update promising to make the web faster and prettier, speed up apps and even kill off flash altogether. The standards for HTML5 have been released and you can expect it to be the default in 2015.

New Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has been around for decades now but it actually undergoes improvements to improve speed, security and reliability. The Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard has been around for years not but chances are that you are not actually benefiting from the speeds unless you bought a brand new phone and home router. This year, every high end Smartphone will likely have an ac-compatible chipset. Internet providers will also be upgrading their users to 802.11ac packing routers. Hopefully, you’ll get to enjoy faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Automotive Technology Advancing Quickly


Technology has altered the way that people form relationships and navigate the environment around them. However, many people find themselves left behind when it comes to all that technology has to offer because of the fact that development can happen so quickly within this field. The year 2014 resulted in smartphones that are thinner than they have ever been, these devices are less expensive and easier to carry around than they have been in past years. Additionally, there are many smartphone makers that have been able to offer battery technology that translates into all day usage as a result of phones that now require less power. This boost in on screen time also translates into the ability to access some of the latest automative technology without having to worry about the possibility of being left without a ride at the end of the night.

The biggest advance in the world of automotive technology would be the level at which Uber has grown. In fact, millions of people will find themselves accessing Uber from their smartphone in order to obtain a reliable ride to a sporting event or social gathering over the course of the next year. Additionally, this technology has translated into a reliable source of income for people that may need extra money each month. The year 2014 has made technology the means by which people enjoy and experience the best automotive technology.